Summer Saving Hacks & Westward PROS™

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Summer Saving Hacks & Westward PROS™

Summer upkeep? Maintenance emergency? No one handles it like us.

Westward PROS: Expert Service at Your Fingertips

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Keep Your Bills Low with 3 Summer Saving Hacks

  • If you can, grill outside. In addition to sucking up gas and electricity, your oven is bound to make your AC work overtime.
  • Run your dishwasher after dinner. Utility companies tend to charge more during “peak” hours, so doing dishes after 7pm or before 10am is always a good call.
  • Make sure your windows and doors are sealed. Even putting a towel under your door can prevent cool air from escaping and your AC from working too hard. If you have drafty doors and windows, PROS can help with that too.

HVAC Special – Inspection and Tune-Up $149

Keeping your HVAC tuned right can keep your house cooler and your bills lower.
Schedule an inspection and tune-up with Westward PROS today for only $149.

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