Upload Proof of Insurance

In an effort to protect you as a homeowner within your association, your Board of Directors requires that all homeowners provide Westward Management with proof of homeowner’s insurance. Proof of insurance can be provided in the form of a Declaration page, a Certificate of Insurance or a past invoice or statement. Please be sure the following information is included when providing this information:

  1. Homeowner name;
  2. Address of the insured property, including unit number;
  3. Insurance carrier name and contact information;
  4. Policy number; and
  5. The coverage effective dates.

If you would like your insurance provider to send Westward Management a certificate of insurance on its annual renewal date, please request that Westward be added as an additional insured party. A certificate will then be automatically sent to our offices every year prior to the policy’s expiration date.

You can submit your proof of insurance by using the form below. Please fill out the form completely before submitting.

  • Please upload or fax your proof of insurance.
    Our fax number is (773) 897-0960.

    You may also provide a copy of your insurance via mail. Please mail to:
    Westward Management
    4311 N. Ravenswood Ave.
    Second Floor
    Chicago, IL 60613

    We highly recommend uploading, faxing or mailing us a copy of your proof of insurance. When your insurance expires it is your responsibility to notify us that is has been renewed.