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Team Members

  • Ian Duni

    Title: Chief Sales Officer
  • Travis Taylor

    Title: Chief Operations Officer
  • David Westveer

    Title: Chief Financial Officer
  • Patrick Gill

    Title: Principal, Chief Sales Officer
    Phone: 800.901.5431
  • Brent Straitiff

    Title: Principal, Chief Executive Officer
    Phone: 773.572.0902
  • Brawley Reishman

    Title: Principal, Chief Technology Officer
  • Nathan Brown

    Title: Principal, Chief Investment Officer
    Phone: 773.572.0903

Agents & Brokers

  • Lisa Brooks

    Leasing Agent
    Phone: 773-454-4034
  • Nathan Brown

    CIO, Broker
    Phone: 800-901-5431
  • Jeff Burdick

    Phone: 315-657-3736
  • John Corry

    Phone: 630-918-6665
  • Alan Cosby

    Phone: 847-323-1161
  • Daniel Cruz

    Phone: 312-802-2622
  • Mike Dailey

    Broker, Real Estate Concierge
    Phone: 312-259-1126
  • Stephen Hood

    Phone: 312-684-3503
  • Mohammed A Khan

    Phone: 773-679-2383
  • Andy Lawfer

    Phone: 773-331-3227
  • Vincenza LoBello

    Phone: 312-919-2753
  • Paul Pekofske

    Managing Broker
    Phone: 312-375-5440
  • Kat Prawdzik

    Phone: 773-459-9615
  • Brawley Reishman

    CTO, Broker
    Phone: 800-901-5431
  • Joe Semany

    Phone: 773-520-4424
  • Brent Straitiff

    CEO, Broker
    Phone: 800-901-5431

3D Tours

In a crowded home market, it’s important to gain the upper leg right away and grab the attention of the right buyers who are the perfect fit for your home. Our 3D camera helps us enhance your home listing through immersive and interactive virtual tours, full 3D floor plans, 360-degree views and photos taken from any imaginable angle – whatever is needed to show the most in-demand assets of your home.

It helps buyers experience your home at a whole new level and helps you generate a lot more interest in your property and increase the number of showings that will result into offers.

Get started.

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