About Us

Westward360 defies the traditional approach to property management with our holistic service offerings. Chicago real estate is complex and ever-changing, and we’re here to navigate it with you. That’s why Westward360 offers an all-encompassing partnership. Managing, buying, selling, renting, investing — we’re here for all of it.

Our approach.

A comprehensive real estate partnership.

Unlike traditional property management companies, Westward360 is a forward-thinking partner. You can lean on our wealth of knowledge and experience gained in a decade of managing $3 billion in real estate assets. We work hard and smart, but we also rely on your input to be better because we’re in this together.

We believe our reputation has endured because we’ve been there for our partners through thick and thin. Our history is filled with lessons on how to manage the calm moments, the crazy ones, and everything in-between.

Thanks for stopping by. We’re here when you need us.